Re: driverfs bus_id, name (was: [PATCH] /proc/scsi/map)

From: Patrick Mochel (
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 14:06:14 EST

> I've been wondering about that. Right now PCI and USB both use fairly
> unfriendly/unpretty values in ... "{PCI,USB} device VVVV:PPPP".
> Let me make sure I understand you right here, by examples of two
> changes I'd like to see. Correct me if these seem wrong:
> - It'd be more appropriate for PCI devices to copy into
> and get the user-friendly names from the PCI device name
> database (when available), and only fallback to those nasty strings
> when the more user-friendly names aren't available.

That is what happens with PCI devices. They're not appearing as meaningful
names probably because CONFIG_PCI_NAMES isn't set. Whether or not that
information belongs in the kernel is another debate.

I believe the SCSI people mentioned something about being able to set
those from userspace. I'm not opposed to such an idea. You just need a
writable name file.

> - Likewise it'd be more appropriate for USB devices to take the
> descriptive strings from the devices, like "Philips USB Digital
> Speaker System", than "USB device 0471:0104".

Those are in the devices themselves, right? There is nothing stopping the
USB people from doing that... ;)


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