Linux 2.5.24-dj2

From: Dave Jones (
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 11:38:24 EST

Just some small bits for now (other than 40kb of bits from 2.4),
more stuff pending will probably wait until after I get back from
KS/OLS/UKUUG conferences.

As usual,..

Patch against 2.5.24 vanilla is available from:

Merged patch archive:

Check before reporting
known bugs that are also in mainline.

 -- Davej.

o Drop some more bad bits that were found whilst splitting.
o Merge various changes from 2.4.19-rc1
o More x86 cpufreq updates. (Dominik Brodowski)
o Fix up iounmap issues from the pageattr changes. (Andi Kleen)
o Small x86 microcode driver cleanup. (Tigran Aivazian)

o Fix broken that made xconfig barf.
o Drop some ISDN bits.
o Updated SAA7110 i2c patch. (Frank Davis)
o Allow x86 cpufreq to be built modular. (Dominik Brodowski)
o Make modular builds of agpgart work again. (Kai Germaschewski)
o Fix MTRR compile on SMP. (Patrick Mochel)
o Various SCSI generic driver janitor items. (William Stinson)
o Fix oops in UHCI driver unload function. (Andries Brouwer)
o Fix various missing includes (tqueue.h & init.h). (Adrian Bunk)
o Make max number of CPUs compile time configurable. (Robert Love)
o Various pidhash cleanups. (William Lee Irwin)

| Dave Jones.
| SuSE Labs
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