Question concerning PCI device driver

From: Bloch, Jack (
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 08:21:46 EST

I have written a device driver for a cPCI board which is currently running
under a 2.2 Kernel. When I load the driver via insmod, I register it it as a
CHRDEV to get the major number assigned dynamically. My application uses
this to build the node dynamically whenever it is started. This provides a
clean interface for IOCTL commands.

I am now porting this driver to a 2.4 Kernel and in the Linux device driver
book it talks about using pci_module_init. How do I get the major number to
allow for IOCTL commands? Or alternatively is there a different way to
interface IOCTL's to a PCI driver. By the way the board is not a network
interface but a very specialized 8 bit serial interface. Please CC me
directly in any responses.

Thanks in advance.

Jack Bloch
Siemens Carrier Networks
e-mail :
phone : (561) 923-6550

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