RE: Linux 2.5.24 - Strange power off problems (ACPI support on)

From: Grover, Andrew (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 19:15:03 EST

> From: Shawn Starr []
> When I run the halt/poweroff program, it powers off the hard
> disks, and
> displays the 'Poweroff System' message. If I press the power
> button, It
> turns the system off HARD, Ie, i don't see the NIC card's aux
> power on,
> and when I try to turn the machine on again it won't until I
> physically
> remove all power (turn off powerbar) for a few seconds, then
> It will let
> me power it on (or it will power on itself).
> This did not happen in the 2.4.x kernel, I assume a new ACPI bug? ;-)

I'm heartened to see that ACPI PCI IRQ routing and CPU/IOAPIC enumeration is
working on your system. ;-)

2.4 ACPI is very different from 2.5 ACPI. You can try the latest ACPI patch
against 2.4 at .

I bet it will do the same thing, though. I'll have to think about why this
might be happening.

Regards -- Andy
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