Linux 2.4.19-rc1 ChangeLog Summary

From: Matthias Andree (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 16:17:26 EST

This is the ChangeLog summary, pulled from BK.

Note: some people are listed by user@h.o.s.t, not by their names. If you
have first-hand information about whom these user@h.o.s.t belong to,
drop me a note (privately, not to the list, please).

v2.4.19-pre10 -> v2.4.19-rc1

  o 3ware driver update for 2.4 (
  o fix .text.exit compile error in sstfb.c (Adrian Bunk)
  o disable CONFIG_IEEE1394_PCILYNX_PORTS config option (Adrian Bunk)
  o missing clean (Alan Cox)
  o rest of SIGURG changes (Alan Cox)
  o barrier didnt go away (Alan Cox)
  o sisfb header I forgot last time (Alan Cox)
  o more pci idents we use in kernel now (Alan Cox)
  o ; make readv/writev SuS compliant (Alan Cox)
  o bits (Alan Cox)
  o fix wrong __init in neofb (Alan Cox)
  o switch audio to static inline (Alan Cox)
  o switch s/390 drivers to static inline (Alan Cox)
  o switch hamradio drivers to static inline (Alan Cox)
  o a few more static inlines (Alan Cox)
  o switch mpt fusion to static inline (Alan Cox)
  o fix link error in video4linux (Alan Cox)
  o switch pms to static inline (Alan Cox)
  o switch bw-qcam to static inline (Alan Cox)
  o switch isdn to static inline (Alan Cox)
  o switch specialix to static inline (Alan Cox)
  o switch isicom to static inline (Alan Cox)
  o switch ftape to static inline (Alan Cox)
  o Fix i830 agp error on 8+8Mb split, (Alan Cox)
  o ramdisk efault fix (Alan Cox)
  o remove dead probe code (Alan Cox)
  o more url changes (Alan Cox)
  o url changes (Alan Cox)
  o update urls (Alan Cox)
  o Make panic blink configurable (Andi Kleen)
  o Another fix for the RAID-5 inline assembly (Andi Kleen)
  o Fix incorrect inline assembly for RAID-5 (Andi Kleen)
  o Remove debug code from /proc/stat (Andrew Morton)
  o rivafb fix (Ani Joshi)
  o misc fixes for 2.4.19-pre10 (Benjamin LaHaise)
  o ns83820 v0.18 update (Benjamin LaHaise)
  o highmem pci dma mapping does not work, missing cast in asm-i386/pci.h
                                                          (Benjamin LaHaise)
  o Bonding driver: Add multicast support (Chad N. Tindel)
  o add missing 2.5 compatible kdev_t bits (Christoph Hellwig)
  o don't export vmalloc_to_page() gplonly (Christoph Hellwig)
  o don't export walk_gendisk() (Christoph Hellwig)
  o Tigon3: More fiber PHY tweaks (David S. Miller)
  o ip-sysctl.txt fixes (David S. Miller)
  o Tigon3: Make fibre PHY support work (David S. Miller)
  o tg3.c: Fix typo in GA302T board ID (David S. Miller)
  o AF_PACKET: Clear out packet-mmap pages (David S. Miller)
  o CyberPro 32bit support and other fixes (Denis Oliver Kropp)
  o Re: [PATCH] printk KERN_* in 3c501 driver (
  o ipconfig.c: Fix defined but not used warnings (Frank Davis)
  o fix error handling in video_open() (Gerd Knorr)
  o PCI Hotplug ACPI driver minor fix (Greg Kroah-Hartman)
  o swap 4/4 redundant SwapCache checks (Hugh Dickins)
  o swap 3/4 unsafe Dirty check (Hugh Dickins)
  o swap 2/4 unsafe SwapCache check (Hugh Dickins)
  o swap 1/4 swapon memleak (Hugh Dickins)
  o tmpfs 4/4 swapoff tweaks (Hugh Dickins)
  o tmpfs 3/4 partial truncate (Hugh Dickins)
  o tmpfs 2/4 mknod times (Hugh Dickins)
  o tmpfs 1/4 symlink unwind (Hugh Dickins)
  o tridentfb update (
  o Reserve 2.5.x extended attribute syscall numbers, for alpha port
                                                               (Jeff Garzik)
  o Update 8139 net drivers for the following fixes (Jeff Garzik)
  o ISDN: Fix oops when unloading drivers in non LIFO order
                                                         (Kai Germaschewski)
  o 2.4.19-pre10 Enforce uts limit, use LANG=C for date/time (Keith Owens)
  o Convert drivers/net/wan/8253x to kernel build (Keith Owens)
  o HCDP serial ports (Khalid Aziz)
  o Makefile (Marcelo Tosatti)
  o Add support for HP Diva serial ports (Matthew Wilcox)
  o Remove SERIAL_IO_GSC (Matthew Wilcox)
  o Serial driver iomem fixes (Matthew Wilcox)
  o fs/ufs/super.c:ufs_read_super() fixes (Mikael Pettersson)
  o Documentation Update (
  o Update for arch/i386/defconfig (Niels Kristian Bech Jensen)
  o icache coherency on cleared pages (Paul Mackerras)
  o Fix s390 partition bug in 2.4.19-pre7 (Pete Zaitcev)
  o Fix cache-attribute conflict bug on newer AMD Athlon (Richard Brunner)
  o Trivial, IDE geometry fix / defconfig changes (Robert Cardell)
  o fix for sigio delivery (Rusty Russell)
  o Re: Kernel zombie threads after module removal (Rusty Russell)
  o Re: TRIVIAL: William Lee Irwin III: buddy system comment (Rusty Russell)
  o APM patch for idle_period handling (Rusty Russell)
  o Fix compilation warning in do_mounts.c (Fixed by Rusty) (Rusty Russell)
  o TAGS should include arch dir (Rusty Russell)
  o Finally squish those chrp_start.c warnings (Rusty Russell)
  o Re: mislabelled label patch (Rusty Russell)
  o Remove bogus casts in ide-cd.c (Rusty Russell)
  o typo in smt.h (Rusty Russell)
  o typo in jazz_esp.c (Rusty Russell)
  o typo in aic7xxx_core.c (Rusty Russell)
  o Typo in radeonfb.c printk() (Rusty Russell)
  o Re: nbd.c warning fix (Rusty Russell)
  o Fix bashisms in scripts_patch-kernel (Rusty Russell)
  o II ipchains bugs in 2.2_2.4_2.5 related to netlink calls (Rusty Russell)
  o Fix spinlock goof in w83877f watchdog driver
  o Add includes necessary for Alpha AXP platform, to these drivers
  o Fix booting of some machines when loaded into (Tom Rini)
  o Fix compilation of CONFIG_UCODE_PATCH=y (Tom Rini)
  o Fix corner cases of building SA1100/M8xx PCMCIA support (Tom Rini)
  o 2.4.19-pre10 - i8xx series chipsets patches (patch 5) (Wim Van Sebroeck)
  o 2.4.19-pre10 - i8xx series chipsets patches (patch 4) (Wim Van Sebroeck)
  o 2.4.19-pre10 - i8xx series chipsets patches (patch 3) (Wim Van Sebroeck)
  o 2.4.19-pre10 - i8xx series chipsets patches (patch 2) (Wim Van Sebroeck)
  o 2.4.19-pre10 - i8xx series chipsets patches (patch 1) (Wim Van Sebroeck)
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