Re: make-3.79.1 bug breaks linux-2.5.24/drivers/net/hamradio/soundmodem

From: Henning Makholm (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 07:13:10 EST

Scripsit "Adam J. Richter" <>

> >I'm not sure this is really a bug either. It is a Good Thing that make
> >tries to normalize the names of targets and dependencies internally,
> >lest the build may be incomplete or redundant if make does not realize
> >that and ./ is the same file. It is quite reasonable
> >for $< to unfold to the *canonical* name of the file in question, I
> >think.

> That just makes the behavior of make less predictable.
> Whatever make does with the file names internally is its own business.
> Rewriting the file names passed to commands unnecessarily is
> potentially a big problem.

It is not rewriting file names. It is just substituting the name of
the dependency for the $< variable, just as documented.

> >If one absolutely wants the command to use the exact form of the
> >dependency that's used in the dependency list, it's easy to simply
> >reproduce that form, replacing the % by $*

> Sorry, I do not understand what you mean.

It wasn't right anyway. I remembered the semantics of $* when the file
name contains slashes wrong.

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