Re: Dual Athlon 2000 XP MP nightmare

From: Dr. David Alan Gilbert (
Date: Sat Jun 15 2002 - 17:58:42 EST

* Steve Cole ( wrote:
> I'm not sure that what I'm experiencing is a kernel problem, but I thought
> I would stick my foot in the door nonetheless, since I have no real
> indication of what is going on.

Hi Steve,

> I have a dual Athlon 2000+ XP MP system. It's crashing very frequently and
> looks to be getting worse. It seems to crash less with 2.4.19pre10-ac2
> which supports the 760 bus and 744x IDE controller, but with something that
> is as intermittent as this, who can tell?

Can I clarify something - are the processors XP's or MP's ? If they are
XP's well then that isn't a supported operation and might well not work

> I get EIP errors and Null pointer exception errors during full kernel
> panics. I've had a lot of file system corruption in ReiserFS originally and
> now in EXT2, both fixable though Reiser seemed worse. Uptime is measured in
> hours - usually 12 or more, sometimes two or three.

Have you tried running this single processor? Is it reliable?

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