[new release - stable] Affix-1_00pre4 --- The most powerfull Bluetooth Protocol Stack.

From: Dmitry Kasatkin (dmitry.kasatkin@nokia.com)
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 17:57:49 EST

Hi All,

Find new Affix release Affix-1_00pre4 on http://affix.sourceforge.net
This is stable version.
See News Section.

Version 1.0pre4 [15.06.2002]
- [fix] rfcomm fixed. freeze happened in some situation.
- [fix] affix_rfcomm.o module use counter could have negative value
- [fix] btctl cache support fixed. it works
- [fix] some other fixes stability fixes

  Affix works on platforms (tested):
- i386.
- ARM (e.g. Compaq iPac).
- PowerPC (e.g. iMac).

Affix currently supports the following Bluetooth Profiles:
- General Access Profie
- Service Discovery Profile
- Serial Port Profile
- DialUp Networking Profile
- LAN Access Profile
- OBEX Object Push Profile
- OBEX File Transfer Profile
- PAN Profile

GUI environment A.F.E - Affix Frontend Environment available for use.

Link can be found on Affix WEB site in *Links* section.

br, Dmitry
Nokia Research
+358 50 4836365

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