[PATCH] Multi-threaded core dumps for 2.4.18 non-O(1) kernels.

From: mgross (mgross@unix-os.sc.intel.com)
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 13:40:40 EST

The following patch is a back port of the 2.5.18 tcore patch I posted last

It applies cleanly to the 2.4.18 base tree.

It has some warnings and one simple regection when applied to the 2.4.18-ia64
tree due to a patch collision with the ia64 patch. I have a ia64 version of
this patch available, upon request, which will apply cleanly to the ia64

This patch has been tested on SMP and UP i386 architectures and works very
well. The ia64 SMP version has also been tested and works very well.

To use this patch you will need to strip the objects from the libpthread
module loaded by GDB at post mortem debug time.
('strip /lib/libpthread-0.9.so for my system', YMMV)

I would like to see this feature added to the linux kernel. Support for
multi-threaded core dumps has been in Solaris for a LONG time now, and its
silly for it to not exist in Linux. ISV's need this type of support from the kernel.

Please apply this patch. Its a good thing.


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