From: Richard Gooch (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 11:55:47 EST

Tigran Aivazian writes:
> here is an opportunity to expose a sick muslim mind from Iraq to the
> world, so why not do it... ah, I will press ^X to send and see what
> happens :)

Sure, you can argue that this virus maker "idea" is sick. However, at
the very least, it's completely uninteresting in this forum. Yes, I
know you marked it as off-topic. Better not to post it in the first

But of course the real reason you felt compelled to post this is as
"evidence" of the inferiority/sickness of Islam compared to your own
religion, Christianity. You demonstrated a lack of tolerance. A good
Christian is supposed to show love and tolerance, regardless of
whether you agree with someone's views, ideas or lifestyle. It doesn't
look like you measure up. An issue for you to resolve with your Lord.

You also demonstrated a lack of clear thinking. Every religion has
it's share of extremists and "sick" minds, and Christianity is no
exception. You seem to have missed that minor detail. I'm sure that if
you received that message from a Christian, you *would not* have
bothered posting the message here, and certainly would not have said:

"here is an opportunity to expose a sick christian mind from America
to the world, so why not do it..."

because that would be embarrasing to your religion. So you're also a
hypocrite. Think how many Muslims are embarrased by those who share
their religion but have taken it to extremes.

> This reminds me of one thing a friend who attended English course in
> some college told me. The students from Iraq, when asked "what is
> your name?", "what is your mother's name?", "what is your
> occupation?" only took a deep breath and shouted with all their
> might "Saddam Hussein!!!"...

And this is relevant how? Oh, of course. More "evidence" of the
sickness of Islam. I expect you felt superior, but really you should
feel ashamed.

Jesus didn't say "love thy Christian neighbour". He said "love thy
neighbour". And he said that for a *reason*. Time for you to re-learn
the faith you claim to have.

BTW: my response is not an invitation to a long, tedious discussion
laced with "clarifications", back-pedalling and self-justification.


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