Re: The buggy APIC of the Abit BP6

From: Robbert Kouprie (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 11:49:41 EST

Raphael Manfredi wrote:

> Here's my own solution for it, in an old article. I've been running
> with this patch since then, and transmit timeouts have never been a
> I run 2.4.18-pre7 nowadays, and the patch below applied without

Thanks very much! This looks very promising. I just patched
2.4.19pre10-ac2 with it and booted it up on my BP6. I will report back
any failure or success of APIC kicking ;)

BTW, did you get any explanation why this wasn't applied in -ac or main

- Robbert Kouprie

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