Re: [PATCH] 2.5.21 IDE 91

From: John Weber (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 10:42:39 EST

> And finally a small plea for more testing. Do you even test before
> blindly sending patches off to Linus?! Sometimes just watching how
> quickly these big patches appears makes it impossible that they have
> gotten any kind of testing other than the 'hey it compiles', which I
> think it just way too little for something that could possible screw
> peoples data up very badly. Frankly, _I'm_ too scared to run 2.5 IDE
> currently. The success ratio of posted over working patches is too big.

I run all all of Martin's patches on my machine, and I haven't run into
any catastrophic problems (by this I mean problems that cause data loss
though I realize that this may not be much of a standard).

I rather like the fact that Martin releases early and often... it
usually means that I get a fix right away. I like the "release early and
often" approach in a development kernel branch since I do not believe
that releasing less often has any correlation to the stability of the
product released (look at Windows :).

Martin or Jens, are there any test suites that you would like me to run?

I am currently too stupid to be able to aid in the development directly
(lord knows i'm trying to get up to speed), but, in the meantime, I can
test the crap out of a kernel :).

  -o) J o h n W e b e r

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