Re: linux 2.4.19-preX IDE bugs

From: Jason C. Pion (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 09:22:08 EST

On Fri, 14 Jun 2002, Bill Davidsen wrote:

> Clearly *any* problem which only happens with SMP isn't as wide-spread,
> and if you are running uni then there should not be a problem. Given that

This system is a Tyan S2460 with 2 AMD 1600+ processors. I am not booting
with the "noapic" option. (Haven't needed to) The Promise Ultra133TX2
(20269) runs very happily with the AMD7411 that is on the mobo. The
Promise BIOS recognizes both attached drives as UDMA(133) and the kernel
sets them up and uses them properly. I do not need to do anything special
at boot time either. It just works!

> earlier and later similar chipset have a sticky bit and no problem, I
> think it would be reasonable to protect people in a stable kernel. If the
> config file needed to be patched and there were a warning on the next
> line, that would certainly assure they knew they were taking a risk.

I agree that some kind of warning (maybe the "EXPERIMENTAL" note in
menuconfig) is appropriate for drivers that have known issues with certain
pieces of hardware. However, I can not condone pulling the driver from
the kernel. If it is working perfectly for some people, we would be
penalizing them.


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