insmod stall

From: Jonas Diemer (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 06:15:05 EST


I have a recent debian woody. I want to use the fritz card usb. I
downloaded and compiled it (its distributed partly binary, part source).
Usign the debian kernel-image-2.4.18-686, the driver worked. Now I have
compiled my own kernel (2.4.18 too). Now, the driver doesn't work
anymore (although I recompiled it against my new kernel sources): when I
insmod it, I see the messages that appeared with the woody kernel, lsmod
shows the module, but insmod doesn't exit (i.e. it's listed when i run
"ps ax" as running (Status R)). when I kill that process, the cpu load
rises. top shows a process named fcusb_init (if I remember correctly)
taking 99% of the cpu time.

What's going wrong here? Have I forgotten something? how come the driver
worked with the woody kernel and wouldn't work with a self compiled one?



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