Re: linux 2.4.19-preX IDE bugs

From: Nick Evgeniev (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 02:44:21 EST


> > And I have no kernel errors. Hence I conclude that it's a DRIVER bug.
> If you had connected them correct the first time like they are now, you
> would not have had a complaint. Next, maybe spend more money to get
> quality hardware, since VIA hardware has a history of being poorly
> intergrated.

What are you talking about?! My system was working perfectly for more than 1
And then after changing kernel, my cabels magically becomes "wrong
WONDERFULL explanation :-/.

> Now think for two seconds or longer if needed.
> It now works and the driver has not changed.

Yeah... Best driver is not used... wait a second... even not compiled
driver. Am I right?
Well anyway, I plan to change hardware shortly to avoid participation in
promise driver testing cycle.

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