Re: [PATCH] 2.4-ac: sparc64 support for O(1) scheduler

From: David S. Miller (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 23:25:28 EST

   From: Robert Love <>
   Date: 13 Jun 2002 12:21:58 -0700
   Patch is against 2.4.19-pre10-ac2, please apply.
Ummm what is with all of those switch_mm() hacks? Is this an attempt
to work around the locking problems? Please don't do that as it is
going to kill performance and having ifdef sparc64 sched.c changes is
ugly to say the least.

Ingo posted the correct fix to the locking problem with the patch
he posted the other day, that is what should go into the -ac patches.
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