Re: 2.4.18 no timestamp update on modified mmapped files

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 12:17:08 EST


> > >It is specifically referring to updates via mmap! "a write reference
> > >to the mapped region". This is the mmap documentation.
> >
> > I saw "write reference" and my brain translated that to "write()". I
> > blame the long weekend.
> That'll be a left-brain/write-brain thing.
> I think it's too late to fix this in 2.4. If we did, a person
> could develop and test an application on 2.4.21, ship it, then
> find that it fails on millions of 2.4.17 machines.

It is a bug, so it should be fixed. If someone develops on FreeBSD then
he'll be surprised it does not work on Linux... Stable should mean "only
bugfixes" and this certainly looks like a bug.

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