Re: PROBLEM: Kernel 2.4.18 Promise driver (IDE) hangs @ boot withPromise 20267

From: J.A. Magallon (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 09:18:09 EST

On 2002.06.12 Braden McGrath wrote:
>> You might try Alan Cox's ac kernel. 2.4.19pre10ac2 seems
>> to work bit better on the Promise controllers for me. You
>> will need to patch in 2.4.19pre10, and then 2.4.19pre10ac2.
>Thanks, I'll give it a try... Will I experience any problems trying to
>get XFS into this kernel as well? I start with 2.4.18 to patch to the
>pre* series, correct? (I'm not used to running bleeding edge...) I'm
>guessing the order would be:
>2.4.18 (stock)

If you want the changes present in pre10 _and_ xfs _and_ LVM,
get the -aa kernel. Version pre10-aa2 has xfs included.
You can get the original at

Or a copy at:

I talk about the copy because in the same location you also have Andre's
ide-convert.10 IDE update patch:

You can try with those patches to see if this gives any help (note: IDE's patch
is not the original, it has been edited to merge with -aa, so I can have made
a mistake -- if it works someone could give it a thorough test, I have not
the hardware...)

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