Re: Firewire Disks. (fwd)

From: Richard B. Johnson (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 07:48:53 EST

On Mon, 10 Jun 2002, Roberto Nibali wrote:

> Hi,
> > I know there is support for "firewire" in the kernel. Is there
> > support for "firewire" disks? If so, how do I enable it?
> Yes, there is and it is attached to the SCSI layer via the sbp2 driver.
> You need following set of modules to get it working:
> scsi_mod, sd_mod, ohci1394, raw1394, ieee1394, sbp2
> I know that you will find out which options you need to enable in the
> kernel config ;).
> You might want to check out the CVS version of the ieee1394 drivers but
> I don't think it is necessary. It works perfectly back here with a
> Maxtor 160GB. Funny enough I had 158GB with the VFAT on it and 152GB
> with ext2/ext3.
> The speed results were also quite interessing:
> VFAT writing : 12.8 Mbyte/s
> ext2/ext3 writing: 19.2 Mbyte/s
> I simply like that disk and it's a nice extension for a laptop :).
> Cheers,
> Roberto Nibali, ratz
> --

The firewire stuff apparently doesn't work too well on linux-2.4.18
I have 3 SCSI disks plus a SCSI CD-R/W. The Adaptec Firewire controller
has a 80 gig disk plus another CD-R/W attached. Both of these run fine
(but slow) in W$.

When I `insmod sbp2.o`, I get a signon message showing two CD-R/W drives,
and no Disk. I can't find any 'devices' to access or mount. I thought,
maybe, that the CD-R/W should show up as the next SCSI CD-R/W, i.e.,
/dev/scd1. If I do `od -x /dev/sdc1` (to see if its readable), the
machine panics. The panic isn't anything that can be copied as it scrolls
for about 10 seconds and end up with:

        code : : : : : : : : :

        (not too useful). Nothing gets written to the root file-system,
not even the signon-message when I inserted the module.

Dick Johnson

Penguin : Linux version 2.4.18 on an i686 machine (797.90 BogoMips).

                 Windows-2000/Professional isn't.

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