raid 0+1 issue

From: David Chow (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 19:51:55 EST

Dear all,

I find the raidtools-1 (comes with Redhat 7.3) doesn't allow you to run
raid 0+1. Here is the problem .

I have 2 raid 0 devices /dev/md2 /dev/md3 and then I run raid 1 ontop of
these raid 0 devices (/dev/md4).

The md2 and md3 sucessfully started, but when come to md4 raidstart
always return "invalid argument" . The point is that the partition has
already initialised, but if you run "raidstop /dev/md4" and then it
cannot start again. If you run "'mkraid /dev/md4" it will initialise the
raid and start automatically, that means there are some problems that
the "raidstart" command does not allow raidstart on md devices but the
mkraid allows you to do that. If anyone have experience please comment
and advice. Thanks.


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