Re: PCI DMA to small buffers on cache-incoherent arch

From: David S. Miller (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 07:02:17 EST

   From: Oliver Neukum <>
   Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 14:02:53 +0200
   If I understand both Davids correctly this is the solution.
   Buffers for dma must be allocated seperately using a special allocation
   function which is given the device so it can allocate correctly.
   David B wants a bus specific pointer to a function in the generic
   driver structure, right ?
Eventually it could be exactly that, via the generic driver struct.

For now it can be a usb specific thing, and when the generic device
stuff is ready we just go:

#define usb_pool_alloc(...) dev_pool_alloc(...)

without having to touch any of the driver call sites.
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