Re: [PATCH, TRIVIAL] Fix argument of BLKGETSIZE64

From: Peter Chubb (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 06:06:19 EST

>>>>> "Rusty" == Rusty Russell <> writes:

>> I think it should be uint64_t to allow glibc to copy and mangle the
>> file into its header tree.

Rusty> I don't think that's really an issue, is it?

This issue is that when I try to use the BLKGETSZ64 ioctl from a user space
program, the version of linux/fs.h shipped with glibc-2.2.5 contains a
u64 type. u64 is kernel-only, the correct type to be shared between
user and kernel space is either uint64_t (mandated by C9X) or the
__u64 type from asm/types.h. Either way, u64 is wrong.

You could argue that this is a glibc bug. But the way that glibc
generates the include/linux headers is just to copy them from some
kernel tree or other, with a little mangling on the side.

Peter C
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