Re: Parallel Port and USB Device Drivers

From: Brad Hards (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 00:39:57 EST

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002 15:28, Adam Luchjenbroers wrote:
> Could someone tell me where I can find some documentation regarding
> implementing LPT and USB device drivers.
USB Printer Class spec + USS720 data sheet + a quick search of drivers/usb for
files called printer.c and uss720.c might help.

> Also, is it possible to have a function called timed to the LPT output
> (since LPT data rates are very slow it would be more efficient for the
> driver to be called when the port is ready to output the next byte instead
> of having it perform a few delay loops).
You normally get buffering with the device.

> Any information regarding how I'd go about building these drivers as kernel
> modules would be nice.
is probably enough :)


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