Re: mke2fs Aborts With "File size limit exceeded"

Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 20:40:24 EST


As my problem remains unresolved, I am reposting this
message seeking helps.

I am exeperiencing the similar problem in kernel
2.4.18, glibc 2.2.5, and patched gcc 2.95.3
007.html). I mounted /dev/hda1 to /.

mke2fs /dev/hdc1

aborts with message:

File size limit exceeded

In exactly the same environment I also booted to
kernel 2.2.13 installed from Slackware and then
mke2fs /dev/hdc1 without problem.

The major changes I have made to linux 2.4.18 are:
(1) I patched linux-2.4.18 with win4lin's patch
(2) I enabled software raid1 for linux 2.4.18 while
the 2.2.13 Slackware distribution enables software

I can not mke2fs /dev/hdc1 as what I really want to
do is

mke2fs /dev/md0

which also failed in 2.4.18.

Please help and thank you in advance!


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