Re: sk->socket is invalid in tcp stack

From: Andi Kleen (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 18:38:51 EST

"Philippe Veillette (LMC)" <> writes:

> I've found what could be a problem in the tcp stack with linux-2.4.17 &
> 2.4.18. When i run lmbench-2.0-patch2 and that i add the following line of
> code in tcp_v4_rcv, it<s get added between the if (!ipsec_sk_policy(sk,skb))
> ... and if (sk->state == TCP_TIME_WAIT)
> if (sk->socket) {
> if (sk->socket->inode) {
> printk("Boum\n");
> }
> }
> I get a crash, i can give the dump later but for now, I am just wondering if
> the sk->socket could be invalid when we are receiving a tcp packet. Since

It likely did receive to a time-wait socket. time-wait buckets are
"inherited" by hand from struct sock and live in similar hash tables,
but only some fields at the beginning are valid. Yes, it's rather ugly, but ...

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