Re: Bandwidth 'depredation' revisited

From: DervishD (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 12:18:09 EST

    Hi Anders :)

>To do this you can use ingress scheduler.

    That's the point... I'll give it a try, then.

>tc qdisc add dev eth0 handle ffff: ingress
>tc filter add dev etc0 parent ffff: protocol ip prio 50 u32 \
> match ip src police \
> rate 232kbit burst 10k drop flowid :1

    OK. Maybe a stupid question: will I need to mark the packages
with iptables in order to get them thru de ingress scheduler :?

>The downside is, that this actually decreases the maximum download
>speed, but you can really feel the difference.

    Don't worry about that. I'll give it a try and compare results.

>IIRC, All this was explained in the Advanced-Routing howto.

    I missed this part, then. Well, I didn't read deeply the
different shapers...

    Thanks a lot :)
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