Re: linux 2.4.19-preX IDE bugs

From: Nick Evgeniev (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 10:31:48 EST


> > I added it to the collection of IDE oddities I'm looking at. There are
> > also some promise requested changes due to get merged at the end of this
> > week. Then we can see where we stand
> Also, it is hard to answer email without connectivity in the air.

Agreed. But all what I see is that STABLE Linux kernel DOESN'T has working
driver for promise controller (including latest ac patches) for SEVERAL
And as for now there is no any progress in fixing it. I don't blame on you,
or Alan,
or whoever else. All I have to suggest is to drop promise support in stable
then rewrite/fix it in 2.5 tree... and then backport it to 2.4.

I don't want to make experiments in production environment anymore... And
unfair to the rest of Linux users to keep broken drivers in stable kernel...
nobody expects that stable kernel will rip your fs _daily_.

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