Re: bandwidth 'depredation'

From: Kristian Peters (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 02:54:26 EST

DervishD <> wrote:
> Hello all :))
> I've noticed that, when using certain programs like 'wget', the
> bandwidth seems to be 'depredated' by them. When I download a file
> with lukemftp or with links, the bandwidth is then distributed
> between all IP clients, but when using wget or some ftp clients, it
> is not distributed. BTW, I'm using an ADSL line (128 up / 256 down).

Maybe QoS (Quality of Service) is the answer. It does a lot of things for you, i.e. enabling a scheduler for your network, that shares your traffic correctly. But please don't ask me how it exactly works. I haven't enough time yet to get this nice piece working. You need iproute2-utils for this. (They should be shipped with your distri, "which tc" tells you.)

There're several HOWTOs about this topic. A good address is where you can find the "Advanced Routing HOWTO" or the Unreliable Guides from Rusty.

Hope this helps.


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