Re: netlink documentation (was: of ethernet names)

From: Brad Hards (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 19:16:59 EST

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002 10:06, Paul Menage wrote:
> >But I can't even follow enough of iproute (or zebra, which also uses
> > netlink, AFAICT) to figure out how to do basic stuff like a list of
> > configured networking devices, or set the default route.
> E.g. to get the list of devices (untested, lacking error checking, etc),
> use something like:
Bingo! I think I see what is happening, just by inspection. Beverage of choice
when we meet up!

Now, how did you get this? Just familarity with the API built up over time,
pure zen, or copied from some other app?

A couple of days of playing with this, I might even be able to write the
tutorial myself :)


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