acenic >4gig sendfile problem

From: Dave Hansen (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 16:55:23 EST

When doing sendfile with my acenic card on my 8xPIII-700 and PAE
running 2.4.18, I'm getting all zeros in the files being transmitted.
  Running the Redhat 2.4.18-4 kernel fixes the problem. I saw this
entry in the rpm's changelog:
* Sat Aug 25 2001 Ingo Molnar <>
- fix the acenic driver bug that caused random kernel memory being
    sent out on the wire, on x86 systems with more than 4 GB RAM.

I tried to pull the relevant bits out of
linux-2.4.17-selected-ac-bits.patch and linux-2.4.18-tg3.patch, with
no success. I mailed Ingo with no response.

Does anybody remember what the fix was, or still have the patch handy?

Dave Hansen

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