Re: If you want kbuild 2.5, tell Linus

From: Bill Davidsen (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 16:43:13 EST

On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, Tomas Szepe wrote:

> > How about the following approach, which MAY not be practical:
> Please note that there have already been innumerable proposals of
> how to merge kbuild 2.5, and all of them have been silently rejected.
> What I keep pondering over is, what is it that Linus finds troublesome
> about merging the whole of kbuild 2.5? More -- why has he decided to
> keep this to himself? Something tells me the answer to these questions
> might be the key to solving the whole kb25 merge problem.

  As I see the problem, the proposal has been either rejected or
postponed, and some people refuse to accept that. I would love to see the
best of O1 and preempt in 2.4, too, but I'm not going to ask anyone to
write Linus, or Marcel, or Sen. Hollings and tell them my idea is a good
idea. As long as patches are available and I'm able to apply them, I will
grumble under my breath and move on. That's my vote for a solution to the
kb25 merge problem, accept that a decision has been made and move on.
> Hmmmm, it's rather odd to have to write about someone in 3rd person
> when you know they'll read the text; They'll even give it a bit of
> thought and will likely have things to say. They won't let you know,
> though. You've noticed Linus was a he in the "if you want kbuild 2.5,
> tell Linus" mail, haven't you? If I was a psychologist, I might have
> something interesting to say based on that information. :)

  I spent half of the weekend with a small child who asked his other to
let him do something. His mother said no, and instead of doing any of the
other things available to him, the spent the afternoon, evening, and
following morning asking his siblings, aunts and uncles, and grandparents
to tell his mother why he should be allowed to do that particular thing.
As a result he wasted his time, didn't do anything fun in that time, and
pissed off his mother to no end.

  I shouldn't wonder if Linus hasn't heard all he wants on this, he is
certainly willing to enter a dialong when he feels discussion is useful.
if I were pushing this change I might read something into that and not
flagellate this particular deceased equine.

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