Re: PCI DMA to small buffers on cache-incoherent arch

From: Tom Rini (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 14:26:54 EST

On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 12:21:44PM -0700, Roland Dreier wrote:
> >>>>> "Tom" == Tom Rini <> writes:
> Tom> SMP_CACHE_BYTES is non-sensical on 4xx (and 8xx) since they
> Tom> don't do SMP..
> True but <asm/cache.h> defines it anyway...

Right, to L1_CACHE_BYTES even. :) So we should probably use that

> of course it would be no
> problem to use L1_CACHE_BYTES and in fact that probably makes sense
> because we're talking about PPC-only macros (other arches would have
> their own definition).

Well, ARM (whom we (PPC)) borrowed some ideas from will set it to
L1_CACHE_BYTES too, from the sound of rmk. So it might even be
consistent among the non coherent processors. :)

Tom Rini (TR1265)
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