Re: /usr/bin/df reports false size on big NFS shares

From: Samuel Maftoul (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 14:03:58 EST

On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 02:39:13PM -0400, Hank Leininger wrote:
> Most distributions ship slightly (or heavily) patched kernels. Above you
> can see the 2.4.4 kernel is not stock, it is named '2.4.4-4GB' for one
> thing, which most likely means it is tweaked for a 4GB memory system? That
> may be how SuSE shipped kernels for 7.2, idunno. But the point is, it is
> likely that stock 2.4.4 would not work either, it would have the same
> problem as 2.4.18. There's some added bits in SuSE's release kernel that
> make >1TB NFS shares happy. I'd suggest that you try booting 2.4.4 stock
I'm using 2.4.18 unofficial srpm from suse ftp server, we need this
because we have hudge needs ( scientific research institute).
I think mostly the same patche are applied.
I'll try to find a "pirate" RH system (we don't support it) at work and
see if the same behavious applies.
> just to see if it misbehaves the same way 2.4.18 does, and if so, start
> trying to figure out what SuSE patch fixes this for you (check SuSE
> specific lists, and/or ask their support). With luck you will find that
> either SuSE has a newer 2.4.x kernel with firewire support, or whatever
That's the point, their unofficial rpm's has it.
> they've done that fixes NFS can be extracted out and added to a current
> stock 2.4.x kernel source.
That probably won't be the case. :)
> --
> Hank Leininger <>
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