Re: [PATCH] Futex Asynchronous Interface

From: Kai Henningsen (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 01:39:00 EST (Linus Torvalds) wrote on 09.06.02 in <>:

> On 9 Jun 2002, Kai Henningsen wrote:
> >
> > However, I don't think that's all that important. What I'd rather see is
> > making the network devices into namespace nodes. The situation of eth0 and
> > friends, from a Unix perspective, is utterly unnatural.
> But what would you _do_ with them? What would be the advantage as compared
> to the current situation?

For one, enumerate them. Network interfaces, as opposed to sockets, are
fairly static. And currently I have to either call /sbin/ifconfig or
figure out where this information is hidden in /proc. (And there is a
kernel interface, I think, some ioctl() stuff - I have mostly forgotten
all I learned about that, it was so ugly.)

Doesn't need to be /dev/xxx nodes (that *would* be the traditional Unix
way) - these days I'd argue for a special network device fs.

> Now, to configure a device, you get a fd to the device the same way you
> get a fd _anyway_ - with "socket()".

>From what little I remember, though, you don't bind your socket to some
address "eth0" - which might have been halfway reasonable - but instead
you say *that* with some ioctl().

> And anybody who says that "socket()" is utterly unnatural to the UNIX way
> is quite far out to lunch. It may be unnatural to the Plan-9 way of
> "everything is a namespace", but that was never the UNIX way. The UNIX way
> is "everything is a file descriptor or a process", but that was never
> about namespaces.
> Yes, some old-timers could argue that original UNIX didn't have sockets,
> and that the BSD interface is ugly and an abomination and that it _should_
> have been a namespace thing, but that argument falls flat on its face when
> you realize that the "pipe()" system call _was_ in original UNIX, and has
> all the same issues.

On the other hand, pipe() is about *anonymous* files. You could in fact
argue that it would be nice to have an interface for anonymous disk files
as well, instead of all the current acrobatics for safe temp file

> Don't get hung up about names.

Especially not if your argument is then about situations where you atually
don't want a name.

See, the problem with eth0 and friends is that they already *have* names -
their names just aren't in the standard namespace. *That* is the real
problem here.

Unix tradition or not, I propose the rule:

*Any kernel object that has a text name, shall appear,*
*under this name, somewhere in the filesystem.*

Or in other words, *there can only be one namespace*. (Well, only one
global namespace, anyway.)

MfG Kai
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