[PATCH 2.5.21] i386 arch subdivision into machine types

From: James Bottomley (James.Bottomley@HansenPartnership.com)
Date: Sun Jun 09 2002 - 12:29:49 EST

This code rearranges the arch/i386 directory structure to allow for sliding
additional non-pc hardware in here in an easily separable (and thus easily
maintainable) fashion. The idea is that all the code for the particular
problem hardware should be able to go in a separate directory with only
additional build options in config.in.

The current patch really only pulls out the visws code from the core and
places it into a separate directory (sort of a simple example case). It also
creates a generic directory (for standard x86 PCs) with all of the hooks

This code is a merger with the Patrick Mochel/Dave Jones setup and cpu split.
It also includes documentation for all of the created hooks inside arch/i386.

The 165k diff file is at


There's also a bitkeeper repository with all this in at


James Bottomley

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