lilo causes an oops after unloading IDE CD modules

From: Michel Eyckmans (MCE) (
Date: Sat Jun 08 2002 - 18:25:08 EST

I have an (aging) P5 SMP box which is all-scsi except for an
el-cheapo IDE CD drive. Because I almost never use the CD, I
have the drivers compiled as modules and autoclean them.

Ever since switching from 2.5.7 to (I think) 2.5.9, I've had
problems with `make bzlilo' causing the system to hang (which
*is* nasty).

Today I finally figured out a pattern: immediately after
booting, I can run lilo as often as I want, no problem. But
as soon as the ide-cd, cdrom, and ide-mod modules have been
unloaded, running lilo will result in an oops (not always the
same one). If I prevent the unloading by mounting a CD, lilo
runs fine no matter how hard and for how long I beat the

My current kernel is 2.5.20 with modutils-2.4.12. Anyone
interested in hunting this thing down? I lack both time and
knowledge to do it myself, but am wiling to test patches.


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