Re: need help

From: Michael Clark (
Date: Sat Jun 08 2002 - 14:43:12 EST

2.4.18 needs a hint added to drivers/scsi/scsi_scan.c
to allow it to scan targets with sparse luns.

Look in /proc/scsi/scsi for the vendor and model and
add them into the device_list array in scsi_scan.c


If you don't configure lun 0, you may have to use
BLIST_FORCELUN which if my understanding is correct
will force scanning of all luns.

I hear there is some REPORT_LUNS code that will
eliminate the need to do this, although don't know
which kernel has it.


On 06/08/02 19:27, manjuanth n wrote:

>Dear sir,
> we have SAN environment with hitachi storage box
>and brocade switch. we are trying to install Linux
>with qlogic HBA card. we are facing strange
>1. If we disable LUN 0 we will not be able to see
>any LUNs on liunx machine
>2. If we enable LUN 0 we can see all the LUNS
>but it should be in sequence i.e LUN0 ,1,2 , 3 etc
>if we disable LUN 3 we will not be able to see LUNS
>4 and the rest
> Is the above things are limitation of linux.
>Linux machine is running with 2.4.18 kernel
>Is there any solutions for these problems?
>Thanks and Regards
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