[ANNOUNCEMENT] Linux-kernel v2.0.40-rc5

From: David Weinehall (tao@acc.umu.se)
Date: Sat Jun 08 2002 - 10:50:53 EST

Yet another release-candidate. The important things here are
the SuS/LSB compliance fixes by Christopher Yeuh.


o Ignore SIGURG in SIG_DFL, as per SUSv3 (Christopher Yeoh, me)
o Fix ipc/sem.c SuS/LSB compliance (Christopher Yeoh)
        | Both these fixes contains whitespace
        | changes. Don't blame poor Chris for
        | this; I made them.
o Changes to MAINTAINERS (Riley Williams, me)
        | Added Riley Williams
        | Various tidying
        | Updated the address to the
        | Appletalk mailing-list
        | Updated Christoph Lameter's
        | e-mail address
        | Updated Andre Hedrick's entry
        | Updated Thomas Bogendörfer's entry
        | Updated Martin Mares' e-mail address


o Commented out a printk in fs/buffer.c (Michael Deutschmann)
        that complains about mismatching


o Fix memory-leak in af_unix (Jon Nelson, Alan Cox, me)


o Fix ICMP bug (David S. Miller)
o Add autodetection for wd1002s-wx2 (Paul, who appears to
        in the xd-driver have no last name =])
o Fix path MTU discovery for (Kirk Petersen)
        transparent TCP sockets
o Revert array-size change in (me, on advise from
        include/linux/module.h Jari Ruusu)
o Remove workaround for gcc-2.4.5 (Adrian Bunk)
        | This is basically a whitespace-
        | change, since it removes code
        | inside an #ifdef #endif clause


o Fix possible vmalloc bug for (Ralf Baechle)
        architectures with virtually
        indexed caches
o Micro-optimization in vmalloc (Ralf Baechle)
o Fix group descriptor corruption (Daniel Phillips,
        in ext2fs Ville Herva,
                                                 Samuli Kärkkäinen)
o Fix some missing includes (me)
o Change array-size from 0 to 1 for (me)
        two arrays in the symbol-table
        in include/linux/module.h
o Fix type of struct timeval xtime in (me)
o Fix warnings in include/linux/skbuff.h (me)
o Fix a few typos in Configure.help (me)
o Various small whitespace changes (me)
        and fixes of strange indentation
        | I know some of you won't like this
        | and I don't give a damn ;-)


o Fix typo in sched.c (Tim Sutherland)
        | this time for real; I applied this
        | patch to the wrong kernel-tree last
        | time, hence the reject
o IDE probe patch for some ATAPI drives (Geert Van der Plas)


o Make pci2000 compile (Joseph Martin)
o Use KERNELRELEASE in module (me)
        installpath as well
o Removed unused variable in (me)
o Fixed warning in ext2/dir.c (me)
o Fix a blunder of my own in (me)
o Fix typo in sched.c (Tim Sutherland)
o Fix bug in mkdep.c (Tim Sutherland)
o Fix bug in autoirq.c (Michael Deutschmann)
o Add allocation debugging code (Michael Deutschmann)
o Fix bugs in the math-emu code (Bill Metzenthen,
                                                 Michael Deutschmann)


o Fixed the ordering of (Philipp Rumpf)
        watchdog initialising, to make sure
        hardware watchdogs takes precedence
        over the softdog driver
o Fix the CREDITS-entry for (Kai Petzke)
        Kai Petzke
o Updated the MAINTAINERS-file a little (me)
o Fix "dumpable"-race (Solar Designer)
o Fix theoretical exploit in printk (Solar Designer)
o Backported checkconfig.pl, (me)
        checkhelp.pl and checkincludes.pl
        from v2.4
o Backported support for tags and (me)
o Added an extra-version entry to (me)
        the version#, to keep track of
        the prepatches etc.
o Fix all occurences of (me)
        #endif BLABLA type; don't forget
        that it should be /* BLABLA */ !!!

  _ _
 // David Weinehall <tao@acc.umu.se> /> Northern lights wander \\
// Maintainer of the v2.0 kernel // Dance across the winter sky //
\> http://www.acc.umu.se/~tao/ </ Full colour fire </
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