[PATCH] missing GET_CPU_IDX in i386 entry.S

From: Brian Gerst (bgerst@didntduck.org)
Date: Sat Jun 08 2002 - 10:33:01 EST

resume_kernel uses CPU_IDX but never uses GET_CPU_IDX to get the index.
  This is an issue when smp and preemption are both enabled. I also
removed the unused GET_CURRENT_CPU_IDX.

				Brian Gerst

diff -urN linux-bk/arch/i386/kernel/entry.S linux/arch/i386/kernel/entry.S --- linux-bk/arch/i386/kernel/entry.S Wed May 29 15:06:00 2002 +++ linux/arch/i386/kernel/entry.S Sat Jun 8 10:44:44 2002 @@ -83,13 +83,9 @@ #define GET_CPU_IDX \ movl TI_CPU(%ebx), %eax; \ shll $irq_array_shift, %eax -#define GET_CURRENT_CPU_IDX \ - GET_THREAD_INFO(%ebx); \ - GET_CPU_IDX #define CPU_IDX (,%eax) #else #define GET_CPU_IDX -#define GET_CURRENT_CPU_IDX GET_THREAD_INFO(%ebx) #define CPU_IDX #endif @@ -236,6 +232,7 @@ movl TI_FLAGS(%ebx), %ecx testb $_TIF_NEED_RESCHED, %cl jz restore_all + GET_CPU_IDX movl irq_stat+local_bh_count CPU_IDX, %ecx addl irq_stat+local_irq_count CPU_IDX, %ecx jnz restore_all

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