Re: Is there something strange going on with the ext2 Filesystem?

From: Thunder from the hill (
Date: Sat Jun 08 2002 - 06:20:53 EST


On Sat, 8 Jun 2002, John L. Males wrote:
> ***** Please BCC me in on any reply, not CC me. Two reasons, I am not
> on the LKML, and second I am suffering BIG time with SPAM from posting
> to the mailing list. Thanks in advance. *****

That's really silly. You won't get killed, I'm not killed either!

> Oh, I was not suggesting it was a e2fsck bug, based on the fact of
> booting the already existing 2.2.19 and making no other changes, e2fsck
> ran just fine. Suggests a kernel issue in my opinion.

You can even call the current quota system buggy because it doesn't
support the quota utilities we had 5 years ago. But it still is no kernel

> I need some clarification here. First can someone explain what is

The errno for "No space left on device."

> Second calrification, I have to assume these ENOSPC bug fixes have been
> effected in the > 2.4.14 kernels. What I am not sure of is in the
> 2.2.20 Kernel, it is current and are there some outstanding 2.2.20
> ENOSPC bugs?

Alan should have killed them, shouldn't he?


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