RFC: /proc key naming consistency

From: Mark Swanson (swansma@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 21:50:35 EST

I would like to hear people's opinions on making the keys in the /proc
hierarchy consistent wrt the space character. The current Linux
Documentation/filesystems.proc.txt does not suggest any standard naming
conventions. F.E. cat /proc/cpuinfo
(partial list)

cpu family : 5
model : 9
model name : AMD-K6(tm) 3D+ Processor
stepping : 1
cpu MHz : 400.907
cache size : 256 KB
fdiv_bug : no
hlt_bug : no
f00f_bug : no

Notice the space between "cpu" and "MHz", or "cpu" and "family" yet there is
no space between "fdiv" and "bug" (_).

The reason I think NOT using a space is a good idea because it makes life
easier for developers parsing /proc entries. Specifically, Java developers
could use /proc/cpuinfo as a property file, but the space in the 'key' breaks

Fire away...
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