2.4.17:Increase number of anonymous filesystems beyond 256?

From: Rainer Krienke (krienke@uni-koblenz.de)
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 08:51:39 EST


I have to increase the number of anonymous filesystems the kernel can handle
and found the array unnamed_dev_in_use fs/super.c and changed the array size
from the default of 256 to 1024. Testing this patch by mounting more and more
NFS-filesystems I found that still no more than 800 NFS mounts are possible.
One more mount results in the kernel saying:

Jan 17 14:03:11 gl kernel: RPC: Can't bind to reserved port (98).
Jan 17 14:03:11 gl kernel: NFS: cannot create RPC transport.
Jan 17 14:03:11 gl kernel: nfs warning: mount version older than kernel

This bug can easily be reproduced any time. Does anyone know how to overcome
this strange limitation? I am really in need of a solution to get a server
running. Please help.


Rainer Krienke                     krienke@uni-koblenz.de
Universitaet Koblenz	http://www.uni-koblenz.de/~krienke
Rechenzentrum,                 	Voice: +49 261 287 - 1312
Rheinau 1, 56075 Koblenz, Germany  Fax:   +49 261 287 - 1001312
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