RE: CML2-2.0.0 is available -- major release announcement

From: Leif Sawyer (
Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 15:31:25 EST

Eric S. Raymond [] writes:
> Subject: CML2-2.0.3 is available

Just some feedback on 2.0.3 running against 2.5.2-pre9 on my i686.

installed, ran as
        make autoprobe config

picked up my processor/mobo/options, rtc, network, video, sound correctly.

picked up ISA/PCI/AGP right.

Picked USB HCI's as modular (building all) from VIA motherboard.
        (Don't really need the OHCI built here)

picked up file systems, framebuffer, network rules, block devices right.

picked up SCSI, Input, game ports and serial ports correctly.

Missed HOTPLUG (based on USB, and configure_help - this may just be cleanup
                        in the help text to remove references to USB if
                        is not needed/required)

Missed APM support (is enabled in running kernel)

Missed my parallel port.
Missed SCSI_Generic
Missed my floppy drive!
Missed Unix Domain Sockets!
Missed Packet Socket (based on running kernel)
Missed PS/2 mouse

Other than those above, it seems pretty good.

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