Re: swapping,any updates ?? Just wasted money on mem upgrade performance still suck :-(

From: christian e (
Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 12:55:39 EST

Stephan von Krawczynski wrote:


> Please try a stock 2.4.17 (with the patch), otherwise we will have no idea what
> is going on.

Just patched the kernel and booted it up..To begin with it looked OK and
there wasn't any swapping.Even firing up VMware didn't cause it to swap..

Then all of a sudden the mouse started moving all over the screen and
left and right clicking on everything on it's own. ?? Really weird..
Ran like that for 5 minutes then the machine crashed hard.
Now I've booted up with the std 2.4.17 again..

> Uh, this is no good. How much mem does your XP need? I can't really believe you
> need more than the 512 MB you have to get this config running. Really: please
> try stock kernel with patch.

I assigned 192 MB for XP that should be more than enough..And as long as
Linux doesn't swap it is..

> Nice box. Must work somehow.

I really hope so..*sigh* :-(

best regards


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