Re: Faced a problem with rtnetlink socket ( RTM_DELLINK)

From: Venkata Rajesh Velamakanni (
Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 08:21:13 EST

Please ignore the previous mail. I came to know that
in both cases kernel sends RTM_NEWLINK and one can
differentiate it using the flags ( IFF_RUNNING).

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Subject: Faced a problem with rtnetlink socket ( RTM_DELLINK)

Hello All,

I am facing a problem in using rtnetlink sockets and thought that
this mailing list would be the better to place to clarify.
Can anyone calrify my query.

When I tried deleting an interface, I have received message
 RTM_NEWLINK (instead of RTM_DELLINK) from kernel.

I have executed the attached program and did "/sbin/ifdown eth0"..
and my program received a messsage RTM_NEWLINK from kernel
instead of RTM_DELLINK.

When I tried adding the interface "/sbin/ifup eth0".. it works fine
and received RTM_NEWLINK.

I would like to know whether anyone has faced this problem or
am I missing something in my program.


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