Re: 2.4.17 RAID-1 EXT3 reliable to hang....

From: Andrew Morton (
Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 03:19:56 EST

Matti Aarnio wrote:
> I have partial evidence that EXT3 may be part of the problem,
> as another machine with RAID-1 disks with EXT2 filesystems
> is not hanging up when running RedHat 2.4.16-0.9custom kernel.
> That another machine has, however, IDE disks.

I'd be surprised if an ext3 bug could cause a freeze as solid
as this one. ext3's write submission patterns are somewhat different
from other filesystems, and we've exposed a few problem in underlying
layers in the past because of this. But who knows...

Have you enabled the NMI watchdog? nmi_watchdog=1 on the LILO

Also, I'd be inclined to enable all the kernel debug options,
including SLAB debug.

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