Re: [patch] O(1) scheduler, 2.4.17-B0, 2.5.2-pre8-B0.

From: Nathan (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 17:48:59 EST

Out of sheer curiosity (and this might be a stupid question), is there
any effort to make the following lines of development all work together:
RML's preempt-kernel and lock-break (and netdev, but that doesn't touch
the other stuff), Rick's rmap VM, and the O(1) scheduler? If so, is it
being applied to 2.4 or 2.5? (Definately seems 2.5-ish, but given that
all the patches are available for 2.4, I thought I'd ask.)

This system just got 2.4.18-pre1 with RML's preempt and Rick's rmap10c
patches. Seems stable though dbench 10 can take all responsiveness out
of KDE (though XMMS never skips). The O(1) scheduler did not apply, nor
did lock-break, otherwise I would be running with all of the above.

Are any of these actually mutually exclusive? (that is, am I just
wasting time and decreasing the s:n ratio on LKML?)

Thanks in advance.


Robert Love wrote:

>On Sat, 2002-01-05 at 22:34, wrote:
>>How close are you and Robert Love on getting this patch and his pre-emt
>>patches to co-operate...seems like that might bring huge wins. I know, I
>>know I could diff, and fix the rejects myself, but this seems to deep in
>>the kernel for a relative newbie like myself(plus I am more a file system
>Unfortunately it looks like it is going to take a bit more than fixing
>trivial rejects. I started working on it today. I suspect I am going
>to need a lot better understanding of Ingo's scheduler, so I am learning
>it. I am traveling tomorrow but should be able to dive into it on
>Ingo and I both agree that the patches together are a Good Thing.
>I have a fully ported patch at this point but it hard locks on boot. I
>believe the problem to be a few bits in sched.c, but there may be some
>underlying changes that break assumptions elsewhere.
>We are working on it. Help is always appreciated, though ;)
> Robert Love
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