Re: xmms child blocked at end (2.4.18pre1)

From: Peter Wächtler (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 17:19:52 EST

Jorge Nerin schrieb:
> Hello, I have a very strange thing here.
> I have a 2x200mmx using 2.4.18pre1, xmms 1.2.5, xawtv-3.61 and XFree86
> Version 4.1.0.
> The situation is that I have a nfs mounted share with mp3, using xmms to
> play them, (3c503 over coax) everithing goes well until I put xawtv in
> fullscreen mode. I don't know why, but at this time in short time the
> child thread of xmms blocks for a long time in end, having xawtv in a
> window does not cause this.
> Here is a vmstat 1 log:
> The only blocked task is xmms child, as I said it's blocked in end, so
> it empties it's buffer and you can hear it
> Another thing I have noticed is that when I have a big transfer with
> this card (I have another 3c595) and having xawtv in full screen I can
> see dropped frames, I assume this is for the speed downgrade of the pci
> bus to acomodate isa tranfers, the 3c503 is a very old isa nic, and my
> tv capture is a pci bt848.

"end" is the name, because the address is bigger than any known symbol.
I think it has something to do with pthread in general - since I observed
it several times with threaded apps (not only xmms)
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