ALSA patch for 2.5.2pre9 kernel

From: Jaroslav Kysela (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 12:39:11 EST

Hello all,

        I would like to introduce the ALSA kernel patches URL:

The latest patch is alsa-2002-01-06-1-linux-2.5.2pre9.patch.gz and

* moved linux/drivers/sound directory to linux/sound/oss
* moved sound core files to linux/sound
* integrated ALSA kernel code
  - linux/include/sound - sound header files
  - linux/sound/core - midlevel (no hw dependent) code
  - linux/sound/drivers - generic drivers (no arch dependent)
  - linux/sound/i2c - reduced I2C core and drivers
  - linux/sound/isa - ISA sound hardware drivers
  - linux/sound/pci - PCI sound hardware drivers
  - linux/sound/ppc - PowerPC sound hardware drivers
  - linux/sound/synth - generic synthesizer support code

We appreciate any comments regarding directory structure (not being
finally approved by Linus due a lot of work on new BIO) or the ALSA
code itself. We are trying to separate the compatibility code for 2.2 and
2.4 kernels to other location in our CVS so the Linux kernel will
not be messed with this stuff.

If you post a reply or comment regarding ALSA to lkml, please, CC: me
directly or to our development mailing list <>.


Jaroslav Kysela <>
SuSE Linux
ALSA Project

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