Re: swapping,any updates ?? Just wasted money on mem upgrade performance still suck :-(

From: Joseph Mathewson (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 10:56:59 EST

In message "swapping,any updates...", <christian e> wrote:

> Hi,all
> You might remember I had issues with massive swapping and wanted to know
> whether I can control the amount of cache and buffers and so on.Well I
> thought a mem upgrade would do the trick ,but no :-(
> Not easy to explain to my boss that it still crawls with 512 MB mem and
> that's the max limit in this laptop..Anyone found any solutions ?? Check
> this out:
> -snipped-

I have just wiped my LKML folder in my mail client to free up some space, so I'm
afraid I haven't read the beginning of your thread. Dunno if this will help but
I have 384MB of RAM and I _don't have_ a swap partition. Hence I don't have any
problem with swap. I've never had my machine start the OOM killer either, and I
quite often run Win2k under vmware (using 128MB of that 384), while running
Gnome/Nautilus (bloatware)/XMMS/xchat/Galeon/StarOffice (bloatware). Maybe you
push your machine harder than I do, but I've never actually needed swap on this
box... No doubt someone will tell me I'm crazy, but I'm not about to waste at
least 384*2 MB of hdd space for something that my machine doesn't seem to

[You may need to tell your distro to ignore the fact you don't have any swap,
I've had to add a #Please, no swap line to the bottom of my /etc/fstab for MDK
8.1 or it continues to warn me. The damned RH installer won't let you install
without any swap (or am I missing a secret flag?).]


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